Business and higher education have never been more intertwined. Not only are the region’s colleges finding new and innovative ways to partner and serve business needs, but as the state’s unemployment rate shrinks and its population ages, it has become more important than ever for business to ensure the state’s talent production centers continue to churn out young highly-skilled workers.
But the system faces challenges. Costs and student debt continues to rise, education delivery models are ever-changing, and now the board of regents faces a potential $25 million in budget cuts while the state’s community colleges face nearly $9 million in cuts.
Join us for a discussion as we consider:

  • What innovative ways can your business benefit from partnering with universities?
  • How will budget cuts affect higher education?
  • Will student debt continue to rise?
  • Can community colleges meet demand for trade and middle skill workers?
  • How will the new downtown Iowa Center for Higher Education be utilized?

Panel discussion

7:00 – 7:30 AM
7:30 – 9:00 AM


Bruce Harreld
President, University of Iowa

Steve Leath
President, Iowa State University

Marty Martin
President, Drake University
Kent Henning
President, Grand View University

Kim Linduska
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, DMACC