Legos, trains, trucks and cows. It’s not all suits in the Business Record. Or at least not for one issue every year. 

This is the encore of last year’s, “The Photo Issue”, which was our first attempt to feature local business leaders out of the office and showing off their unique talents and hobbies.

Still no swimsuits in this year’s issue, so don’t be afraid to peruse the issue at work. 

Alas, maybe next year. 

At any rate, A big thanks to Duane Tinkey, our excellent staff photographer, who rocked it again. And a big thanks to our four models in this year’s issue.

We hope you enjoy this inside look at the talents and interests of our community.

– Chris Conetzkey, Editor of the Business Record

We took a photographic peek into the hobbies of some of Des Moines leaders. Check out the photo galleries of the leaders below.


Michael Bird
President & CEO, Spindustry Digital

David Maxwell
President, Drake University

Steve Niebuhr
Senior VP, Hubbell Realty

Tim Zarley
President, Zarley Law Firm PLC


W. Kim Austen 

Railroading is a family tradition with this insurance executive, who spends his time on his own HO scale railroad

Scott Bowman 

This mechanical engineer spends his time off the clock building items out of Lego bricks

Rob Denson 

Truck driving is just in the DMACC president’s blood

Kim Waltman

She fancied the frenetic pace of public relations, but open spaces and cattle have Kim Waltman’s attention


Bonnie Campbell
Hobby: Cooking

Jay Byers
Hobby: Musician

Mary O'Keefe
Hobby: Showing Horses

Steve & Susan Skold
Hobby: Big Game Hunting

Seeking Models for 2014:
It’s never too early, the Business Record is currently looking for business leaders with interesting hobbies and/or talents to be featured in next year’s Photo Issue. If you or someone you know would make for an interesting photo shoot, please send the name, hobby and contact info to my email address: