Iowa companies are leading the nation with innovation across several industries. The innovationIOWA Magazine highlights companies and their technological achievements in a beautiful four-color, glossy magazine. The editorial content includes a comprehensive report on recent achievements and what the future holds for:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Bioscience & Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Stem Update
            Advanced Manufacturing?            Bioscience & Agriculture?            Technology?            Energy?            Stem Update

“Innovation is critical for the future of Iowa's economy. Publications like the innovationIOWA Magazine that highlight the work going on around our state – in small and large businesses, in academia, in start-ups – are so important in advancing that very culture.”

Debi Durham,
Director, Iowa Economic Development Authority

Statewide Distribution:
A total of 10,000 copies are printed. The publication is also unveiled at an annual Launch Party hosted by our presenting sponsor that attracts hundreds of statewide leaders. It is then distributed statewide by Business Record in its April statewide edition, which also includes Business Record Iowa, a custom publication for the Iowa Association of Business & Industry and its members. Additional distribution includes Iowa educational institutions, manufacturers, agricultural and technology companies and industry associations.

“innovationIOWA captures the excitement and energy in the region’s vibrant agribusiness and bioscience region. We are so thrilled about its publication and we use the magazine to give to people and companies who are visiting to learn more about Iowa’s core innovation sectors.”

Bill Northey,
Secretary of Agriculture, Iowa

DuPont Pioneer innovationLEADER of the Year Award:

The third annual, 2017 DuPont Pioneer innovationLEADER of the Year award recipient was the Global Insurance Accelerator. This prestigious award recognizes an individual or organization for their originality, leadership, and impact on their company, state and local economy, and/or the general public through innovative concepts, processes, and/or products. Past winners include NewLink Genetics and Harris Vaccines.

Judging is based on the following:

  1. Originality of the innovation(s): Is this a completely new concept/idea/process or the re-imagining of an existing one? Was it developed independently or in cooperation with others? 
  2. Impact of the innovation(s): Did this innovation meet an unmet need? How has it affected a specific industry and/or the public at large? If internal, what impact has it had on the processes and efficiencies of your organization?
  3. Commercial impact of the innovation(s): Has the innovation gone to market? What financial evidence or market acceptance information does the innovation have to support new value for the end user? What is the quantifiable evidence of success?
  4. Culture of innovation: Does the individual or company promote an atmosphere conducive to innovation? Have they consistently been a leader in their field when it comes to innovation?

To make a nomination, please submit your information to: Jason Swanson, BPC Vice President at 515-288-3336 or The deadline to submit a nomination for the fourth annual, 2018 DuPont Pioneer innovationLEADER of the Year Award is December 22 at noon.

“As part of Iowa’s powerful innovation engine, DuPont Pioneer uses the science of our labs and the land to maximize productivity and sustainability to meet the needs of the world’s farmers. We are proud to play a role in Iowa’s growing reputation as a technology leader.”

Judd O’Connor, Pioneer, Vice President - Integrated Operations & Commercial Effectiveness