Hubbell Realty Co. is planning an apartment project that will put the YMCA of Greater Des Moines $1 million closer to its goal of funding a multimillion-dollar swimming pool at the Wellmark YMCA in downtown Des Moines.

Hubbell President and CEO Rick Tollakson said the company plans to buy a lot at the north end of what would be the Wellmark YMCA swimming pool. Efforts are underway to raise an estimated $10 million for the construction of the pool, an expensive amenity that Y officials and downtown boosters believe is essential to reaching membership goals at the facility and drawing visitors to the city.

"This is just one of a number of pieces that we're trying to put together to get this thing done," Tollakson said.

Tollakson, who will preside over the YMCA executive board later this year, said he would not have considered building the 50-unit, five-story, $9.8 million apartment project if the YMCA did not need the money to build the pool. The apartment project also includes first-floor parking.
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