Residents of 19 Iowa cities can get a street-by-street view of flood conditions in real time via an online system developed by the Iowa Flood Center in Iowa City.

The Iowa Flood Information System, or IFIS, offers views of Des Moines and Ames in addition to Cedar Rapids, Charles City, Columbus Junction, Elkader, Hills, Humboldt, Independence, Iowa City, Kalona, Maquoketa, Mason City, Ottumwa, Rock Rapids, Rock Valley, Spencer, Waterloo and Waverly.

You can click on a town to see if current river levels are affecting a neighborhood, street or local park.

Heavy rains and snow pushed some rivers close to or slightly over flood stage as the holidays approached, but most are well under now and falling.

For example, the Des Moines River rose slightly above flood stage at Second Avenue on Christmas Eve, but now is falling. The Raccoon River was just below flood stage at Fleur Drive on Christmas Eve, and also is falling. The Mississippi River was a foot over flood stage at Burlington, and a half-foot above in Fort Madison this morning.

The flood center's website also allows you to see what will happen in an area if more rain comes. Click on "flood map scenarios for Iowa." Select a town and click "load flood maps." Then slide the tab left or right to see what areas would be underwater under different conditions.

Read an explanation of the system.