n celebration of our 35th anniversary, last night we launched a brand, “Greater,” and unveiled a magazine that simultaneously celebrates the past and looks to the future -- while enjoying a party hosted by Hubbell Realty Co. at 1963 Bell Ave.

When we began talking about creating a publication to celebrate our 35th anniversary, very early we decided we wanted to use the opportunity as a launching point for something more.

The magazine, which will be inserted in the Dec. 14 issue of the Business Record, is split into two halves, complete with two covers, a flip, and two different themes. View the magazine.

In one half, our newsroom has collected 35 key moments and lessons from the past 35 years. Collectively these are the reasons we are all so fortunate to live in a community that has been so great for you, me and the countless other businesses and employees who call Des Moines home. Our goal: We wanted to preserve these moments and lessons for future generations. 

But in celebration of our 35th anniversary, we didn’t just want to look to the past. We wanted to look to the future, too. We are using this opportunity to launch “Greater,” a new initiative that will allow us to share more voices and the diverse set of ideas and solutions that we need to address the region’s challenges and opportunities.

Earlier this year, we surveyed our audience and invited readers to share their ideas on how to make Des Moines greater in the next 35 years. The response was overwhelming. In total in the magazine, you’ll find more than 75 ideas, some big, some small, but all contributed by readers who identified community needs and, more importantly, offered solutions to solving those challenges.

And we’re not stopping after last night. 

We’ve launched a new website -- MakeDMGreater.com -- that houses all the ideas we’ve published in this publication. Going forward, we’ll continue to canvas for new ideas and opinion pieces from all parts of the community that we’ll feature in the Business Record, in our e-newsletters, via our social channels, and at a new event series we’ll launch later in 2019.

But you have a role to play. The community needs your ideas and needs your suggestions of people who might have great ideas to share. If you think you have an idea to share with the community, or know someone who might, you can submit an idea here.

We invite you to read all of the ideas at makeDMgreater.com and to learn more about our plans for "Greater" and what we hope to achieve in this full FAQ.

We hope you enjoy a look back at what has made this community great, and the ideas that will make it Greater.