President Donald Trump signed an executive order today directing federal agencies to consider expanding health-insurance coverage in low-cost plans that are not subject to Affordable Care Act rules, a move that could raise costs for sicker people.

The order is designed to provide what the White House calls “alternatives” to plans offered through Obamacare markets. It comes after the implosion last month of Republicans’ latest attempt to dismantle President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law, a chief policy goal that Trump and GOP lawmakers campaigned on.

Speaking before signing the order at a White House ceremony, Trump said consumers “will have so many options.”

“People will have great, great health care,” he added.

Trump also ordered the labor secretary to consider expanding consumers’ access to so-called association health plans. Those plans could allow employers to form groups across state lines, and allow access to more plans and lower rates, the White House says.

The order does not, however, allow such plans to market directly to individuals.

While the order stops short of dismantling Obamacare, health-insurance experts worry about the effect it could have on coverage. They say it could raise costs for the sick by drawing healthier and younger Americans to alternative plans, which could be less expensive.

States currently regulate health plans within their borders. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has said interstate sales “will start a race to the bottom by allowing companies to choose their regulator.”

In response, Amanda Ballantyne, national director of Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business owners, issued the following statement:

“Small business owners won’t benefit from a proliferation of substandard insurance plans and market destabilization that will emerge as the result of this executive order.The ACA ensured that association health plans in the small group market provide essential health services such as maternity care and prescription drug coverage, and instituted a community rating system, which prevents sharp premium increases based on health status, age or gender. Eliminating these vital protections will allow insurance companies to peddle low quality, junk plans, while at the same time raising premiums on small businesses whose employees have a diverse set of healthcare needs.

Independent Women’s Voice President & CEO Heather R. Higgins released the following statement in support of Trump's order: “IWV has fought from day one with the president to allow insurance companies to sell the insurance people actually want and need without penalty while removing the regulatory burden causing healthcare costs to skyrocket."