I'm not afraid of heights. 

But I am afraid of power lines. And 4 a.m. alarm clocks.

Had I known both would be factors impacting my fear level, I might not have agreed to ride in the Wells Fargo balloon as a guest with Don Pearson, the company's new regional president, at Indianola's National Balloon Classic.

Alas, the powerlines that snatched a balloon - nobody was injured - the night before my first flight didn't come into play, and 4 a.m. wasn't all that bad... OK, that's a lie.

But waking up that early for our 5:45 a.m. meet up was more than worth it when we were soaring above the corn, soybeans and farmland on a picture perfect July morning. 

The Wells Fargo balloon crew was in Iowa from Albuquerque N.M. for the first time to market the company and to take team members from area branches up for rides. In total during the 9 day balloon festival - which according to our pilot at approximately 80 balloons is one of the larger festivals in the country - the Wells Fargo crew was planning 16 flights.

Check out pictures from the experience below: