The city of Des Moines issued 2,989 permits valued for construction and labor at a record-breaking $665.9 million last year. On the residential side, the permits will lead to 1,296 residential units through new construction and renovations. New apartment buildings account for 665 units. New commercial projects generated 90 permits with a value of nearly $318 million, and commercial remodels generated 358 permits for projects valued at $121 million. In most cases, work on a commercial project  must begin within 180 days after a permit is issued and work on single-family homes, townhouses and duplexes must begin within 120 days. Permits for commercial, including multifamily housing, are valid for two years after they are issued, and for projects of $10 million or more, permits are good for three years. The value of the projects is self-reported and reflects the costs of construction and labor, said Des Moines Community Development Director Phil Delafield. He pointed out that the total value of permits issued last year exceeded the previous record, set in 2007, by nearly $200 million.
Source: City of Des Moines