Jesse Linebaugh is the co-chair of the securities and financial services litigation practice at Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, but he has another specialty that has to do with a focus on his family.

When Linebaugh and his two sons need to get some quality time, they take off in search of the next great Iowa swimming pool.

“My kids are my life. If I’m not working, I like to spend time with my boys,” he said.

“We’ve been to every public swimming pool in Iowa. If it’s cold, we find an indoor pool; if it’s warm, we go outside.”

They don’t have to travel far to find their favorite swimming hole. 

It’s in Norwalk.

“It’s a very small, very friendly pool. I don’t know when it was built, but I highly recommend it,” Linebaugh said.

Finding family time proved to be a little tricky during the recession.

Linebaugh was occupied representing firms whose investors believed they had been snookered into making some bad investments.

His practice might explain some of the reason he enjoys a relaxing swim. 

Linebaugh said he has difficulty explaining what led him to the legal profession, but he happens to have  one characteristic that comes in handy in the courtroom.

“I like to argue,” he said. 

“I like to be in action. I’m very competitive and I like to win.”

Reasons he’s a Forty:

• Helped organize the Latino Heritage Festival

• Worked with Appleseed, a nonprofit organization, to conduct an internal investigation on the status and needs of Hurricane Katrina evacuees

• Spearheaded development of the Faegre Bakers Daniels-Iowa Legal Aid Health and Law Project

• Member of the Walnut Creek YMCA board

• Past president and current board member of Raccoon Valley Little League