A consulting firm affiliated with the American Wind Energy Association predicts Iowa could have 17,000 wind-energy jobs and $9 billion in added economic activity by 2020 as the industry grows. Wind energy advocates are meeting with state officials at the Capitol today, and released the report. "Wind does not provide just well-paying jobs either, many Iowans also know wind farms are the new 'drought-resistant cash crop' in Iowa, paying up to $20 million a year to Iowa farmers," Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, said in a statement. "Wind is already responsible for more than 36 percent of Iowa's electricity generation, and with recent project announcements, the state will push past 40 percent in the coming years. We're going to work with elected officials in Iowa to make sure that happens." Consulting firm Navigant Consulting estimated that Iowa could add 11,500 jobs at wind companies and in the supply chain by 2020 — 17,300 if you include other jobs added in the communities due to the developments. Read the full news release.