I think we all need a little humor in our lives, especially on a Friday. I will warn you, though, if you’re an Ohio State, this may not be as funny. Jason Gay, a Wall Street Journal sports columnist, wrote his take on the recent news that Ohio State had trademarked “THE” after applying to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. That means “THE” is now trademarked on all the Ohio State apparel that says “THE Ohio State University.” Does that mean we can't all continue using the word “the"? No, as Gay humorously points out: “The Wall Street Journal doesn’t suddenly have to start referring to itself as Wall Street Journal. ‘The Godfather’ doesn’t become ‘Godfather,’ the Rock isn’t now Rock, you don’t have to ask to 'pass potatoes,' and the ghost of Jim Morrison doesn’t have to haunt your dreams singing This is end. When your Dad refers to Instagram as 'the Instagram,' he doesn’t owe money to the administration in Columbus.” Regardless of whether you find it funny or not, it’s certainly newsworthy for other brands to consider.