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What is the Newcomer’s Guide?
The Business Record created a new, nearly 70-page publication called the Newcomer’s Guide, which is our effort help people more quickly integrate and plug into the Greater Des Moines business community. Request the Newcomer’s guide

Who is it for?
The product is targeted at incoming executives and leaders who are transitioning into the Greater Des Moines business community and want to understand the lay of the land. In addition, the product will be helpful for anyone in the community new to a leadership role or looking to take on a greater leadership position in the community.

What will readers find in the guide?
In the publication, a step-by-step guide leads readers through more than 20 articles and highlights nearly 70 external resources that our staff and community have assembled to help aid and accelerate the transition process. The articles will help newcomers learn about the community’s history, the people they need to know, umbrella organizations and institutions, key launching points, the unique values of the community, and the wisdom and advice from leaders in the community. There is no substitute for the hard work, participation and one-on-one conversations that help someone truly learn how the community operates, and there is no way to completely explain every facet of the community in one publication. But those who read the Newcomer’s Guide will build a foundation from which they can work to consistently stay plugged in, ramp up their involvement and position themselves as thought leaders in the community. Below the Q&A, you’ll find a full list of articles in the publication and a few sample articles that we’ve made available to read.

Where did the idea come from?
The idea was spawned a few years ago during a meeting with Shannon Cofield, the former CEO of the United Way of Central Iowa and, at the time, chief of staff at Drake University. She was in the process of preparing to help Drake’s new president, Marty Martin, transition into the community from Gonzaga University. She offhandedly mentioned she had gathered a number of Business Record resources, among others, into a package to help Martin more quickly plug into the community. That resonated with me, and sounded like an opportunity for us to fill a need.

How did you create the Newcomer’s Guide?
Through our staff’s more than 30 years of covering and providing helpful resources for the business community, we worked to package together a variety of our insights and tools that we knew would be helpful for any newcomer to the area. In addition, we worked with more than 100 leaders in the community to gather the collective wisdom and knowledge of our business community.

How can I get the Newcomer’s Guide?
If you are interested in receiving a copy for yourself, or know of an employee, colleague or mentee who might find the Newcomer’s Guide helpful, you can request a copy here: Request a Newcomer’s Guide or contact our Business Record circulation team at

If you are interested in receiving a copy for yourself, or know of an employee, colleague or mentee who might find the Newcomer’s Guide helpful, you can request a copy here: Request a Newcomer’s Guide >>> ? Or contact our Business Record circulation team at

Questions or need help?
If you have questions about the publication, or are looking for ways to connect with the Business Record and the business community, reach out directly to our editor, Chris Conetzkey, via email — — or by phone at 515-661-6081.



Newcomer’s Guide articles
Below you’ll find a list of the articles in the Newcomer’s Guide, along with links to a few sample articles that we’ve made available on our website. 

Letter from the editor: Disrupt our expectations. Read

Not here yet? Just arrive?
View relocation resources and get advice. Read

Build your foundation

  • Learn the community’s history.
  • Columnist Dave Elbert’s advice from 40 years of business.
  • Jay Byers shares the ingredients of our Secret Sauce. Read 
  • Get up to speed on these community initiatives.
  • Understand these nine umbrella organizations.
  • Get a snapshot of the corporate landscape.

Become an Iowan

  • Learn essential Des Moines knowledge.
  • Scott Siepker explains Iowa Nice.
  • Former newcomers provide their perceptions.
  • Former newcomers provide their perceptions.

Meet the people

  • Suku Radia shares why leaders are accessible.
  • Meet the top 25 most influential leaders.
  • Don’t stop at 25. Additional leaders to know.
  • Know the our icons and sages.

Absorb the community’s advice

  • Take in the community’s wisdom.
  • Know the challenges you might face.
  • Learn to avoid mistakes and faux pas.
  • Zach Mannheimer shares how to get a big idea done.

Find ways to plug in

  • Plug into a business organization or committee, support the nonprofit community and find a niche community to grow in.
  • Steve Chapman explains our expectation to give.

Fill your calendar
Learn about key community events.

Stay plugged in
Learn how to use the Business Record to let the community know you're here, meet our staff, utilize our resources and products, and position yourself long-term as a thought leader. Read 
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Leave a legacy
Our owner, Connie Wimer, shares how to leave a legacy.

Online tool kit
Access to a collection of nearly 70 online resources that allows readers to dive deeper into a variety of topics.