The Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority has announced it will make changes to several local and express routes beginning Sunday. The updated routes are local routes 1,6,7, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 60, and express routes 92, 93 and 98. Updates can be found on the DART website. Among the changes are restoring frequency to local routes 6 and 7 after service was reduced because of the coronavirus pandemic, adding more trips on Sundays and adjusted times for local route 17 to Amazon Fulfillment Center in Bondurant, adjusting schedules for local routes 1, 11, 13,15 and 60, and adding a morning trip on local route 13. DART will also be adjusting schedule times on express route 92, restoring the midafternoon trip on express route 93 and restoring one additional early morning trip on express route 98. Safety protocols will remain in place, including requiring passengers to wear masks.