How will the massive numbers of batteries needed for the shift to electric cars over the next couple of decades be produced? Last month, President Joe Biden signed an executive order targeting half of U.S. auto sales to be electric by 2030, and General Motors Co., the biggest U.S. automaker, has pledged to electrify all of its vehicles by 2035. As this article from Bloomberg describes, the battery recycling company launched by Tesla Inc. co-founder J.B. Straubel has that covered. Hint: Its plan wasn’t to remain just a recycling company. Straubel’s broader goal, described to Bloomberg for the first time, is to move a huge chunk of the battery-component industry from Asia to the U.S. “It’s both inspiring and terrifying to see so many nations and car companies announcing their shift to electric vehicles,” Straubel said. “But there’s a massive gap in what needs to happen.” And interesting enough, Straubel's company, Redwood Materials Inc., which currently operates three facilities in Nevada, is searching for a location farther east to build a new million-square-foot factory.