Katie Byers tells us her HomeDitty home-concert startup has signed up 45 new concert hosts — putting her nearly halfway to her first-year goal just a few weeks into the BETA testing. 

HomeDitty - homeditty.com - has scored new concert hosts, or potential hosts, in Iowa, California, Maryland, Minnesota, Utah, Illinois and Indiana. Artists from Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado and Tennessee have signed up. So has an Australian band that considers itself “nomadic” and lives in a tour bus while touring the U.S. and elsewhere.

Moors & McCumber - www.moorsandmccumber.com - has signed up to do shows at the Greater Des Moines homes of Rick Swalwell and Karen Novak-Swalwell and Eric and Sarah Lohmeier — the first shows since the HomeDitty website started signing up concert hosts and positioning itself to connect them with artists. Concerts are by invitation only. Katie decided to encourage the home concert scene nationally after she and her husband, Greater Des Moines Partnership CEO Jay Byers, put on a string of successful concerts at their home.