Brennan Buckley has left Iowa Realty Co. to join a startup real estate firm that melds technology with the purchase of property.
"I’m leaving a company I love and agents that I can’t say enough good things about," said Buckley, whose last day as Iowa Realty’s president was Friday.

But, he added, "I am helping build something new, and that’s really exciting."

Buckley, who had been with Iowa Realty 15 years, has joined Realm, an online company that uses data and artificial intelligence to match potential buyers of high-end properties with the consumers’ lifestyle, interests and activities.

Agents will be able to match up to 200 different lifestyle tags of a client with those same tags that are attached to properties, Buckley said. For instance, if a potential buyer has an interest in art, the client could search an online database for properties in or near art districts, he said.

"Some of the smartest people in real estate and technology are involved with" Realm, Buckley said.

The firm, which is expected to launch in about a month, was founded by Julie Faupel, owner of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates in Wyoming.

Kim Bakey, Iowa Realty's CEO, said a replacement for Buckley has not been named. She said the company will start a search in October for someone to fill a "sales leadership position." In the meantime, others at the company are assuming additional responsibilities.