Here's a list of local people in the Sept. 20 issue of the Business Record and the page number of the article in which they are mentioned. Members can read all of this week's stories at and can access the digital version of the paper by clicking here.

Don Coffin, 22

Richard Deming, 22

Ryan Downs, 4

Debi Durham, 22

Hannah Elliott, 22

Ingrid Gronstal Anderson, 6

Dan Houston, 22

Kerri Johannsen, 8

Izaah Knox, 22

Marty Martin, 22

Jason McArtor, 4

Megan McKay, 4

Lane Mesenbrink, 4

Melissa O’Neill, 22

Lana Pol, 4

Lesley Rish Triplett, 4

Carlos Rojas, 4

Beth Shelton, 22

Tim Whipple, 8