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Aviva, Mayo Clinic study links women’s finances, stress

A new study from Aviva USA and Mayo Clinic has found a strong correlation between women’s stress levels and their financial situations.

The study, released today during National Women’s Heath Week, shows that 75 percent of women say they are somewhat, very or extremely stressed. Of the respondents who said they are extremely stressed, 82 percent said they are uncomfortable with their financial situation. A higher number of women who responded that they were stressed reported that they gained weight, as opposed to women who said they were not stressed.

Finances are the primary factor for stress in women ages 30 to 54, according to the study. 

“These survey findings reveal that women often feel anxious about both their financial situation and their health,” said Chris Jones, chief marketing officer for Aviva USA, in a release. “It seems the women we surveyed feel the need to be better prepared for retirement and also would benefit from taking steps to take better care of themselves.”

Aviva and Mayo suggested that all adults take steps now to address stress and weight gain in their lives, as both factors can contribute to much more severe health problems in the future.

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