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Judge: AIG affiliates failed to show fired claims adjuster misused nearly $1 million


A federal judge has refused to freeze the financial accounts of a former claims adjuster who is accused of manipulating computer systems of American International Group Inc. (AIG) subsidiaries to issue checks totaling $991,000 to a company based in Prole and other businesses.

Christina Pender of Ankeny investigated construction defect claims for Chartis Claims Inc. before she quit and was later terminated after a supervisor and AIG investigators said she authorized claims to a company controlled by a boyfriend and two other men and used the company’s computer system to issue checks from other AIG insurance companies.

The companies asked to freeze financial accounts belonging to Pender, Larry Hinkel, Derrick Cloud, Paul Cloud and MDP Group Inc. However, Judge Robert Pratt ruled earlier this week that there was not evidence that any of the money had been spent or that the AIG affiliates would suffer irreparable harm if it were to be spent.

Pratt also said there was no evidence that the money was not used to pay for construction defects.

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