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The time is now


2005 has started with a bang for many businesses. Studies are showing that consumer optimism and spending are up. B-to-B reports are saying businesses are also spending with renewed confidence.

You may be one of the lucky companies that’s feeling pretty good about the work you have piling up. Customers are aplenty and the register is ringing. In fact, you are probably so busy you just don’t have time to think about marketing. You’ll get back to it when things slow down.

Wrong. Really wrong. The time to aggressively market is now. Why? Somehow we forget that client acquisition is hardly an instantaneous process. If we wait until we have extra time or really need the cash flow – we’re in trouble.

The best time to reach out to potential new customers? It needs to be a constant part of your day. Every day. The challenge is to automate your marketing efforts so that no matter how busy you are, they do not stutter or stop. So how do you go about making marketing part of your routine?

Identify at least one marketing tool that you can commit to for 2005. It might be a monthly sales postcard to dormant customers, hosting a quarterly seminar aimed at your target audience or an annual print ad schedule.

Next, create the pieces for the entire year. Print the postcards for the entire year. Schedule the seminars and publicize the dates. Sign a contract for the print ads. Do something that commits you. At the very least, you know you’ll have one reliable effort working for you all year long. No matter how busy you are.

Is it enough? For most businesses, no. But it’s a good start.

Drew McLellan is Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group and the author of “99.3 Random Acts of Marketing.” He can be reached at Drew@MclellanMarketing.com.

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