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Al McClatchey, Vice president, Mercy Heart Hospital


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Describe your workout regimen.

My workout routine includes three days a week of high-intensity cardiovascular and strength training (HIT), and two days a week of weight training.

How have you changed that regimen over the years?

I have done both cardiovascular and weight training over many years, but added the HIT program in January to change it up a bit.

Do you set small goals and reward yourself for reaching them? How?

Not really. I am pretty much a die-hard. I just keep pushing myself.

Do you work out with a partner or a group or alone? Why?

I participate in a class at RoundKick Gym for the HIT program and I have three workout partners at the downtown YMCA for the weight training. Classes and workout partners help me stay motivated when I might otherwise slack off. We all support one another by being there as much as possible.

What motivates you to stay in shape?

I am trying to stay ahead of the aging process. By being as active as I am, I find that I motivate others to be active, which in turn motivates me. I work in the health-care arena and see every day the devastating outcomes of poor health, much of which could have been impacted with closer attention to preventive health activities.

What advice would you give to someone just starting on a workout program?

It has to be a lifestyle change; that includes diet and exercise. You have to want to be healthy bad enough to stay with it. It does take conviction and dedication. Set aside a regular time to exercise that works consistently. I have to exercise at 5 a.m. in order to get it in for the day. I also find places to exercise when I travel. Once the exercise routine gets in your blood, you will find it hard not to exercise.

What are the keys to your diet?

Portion size and allowing myself chocolate periodically, but knowing that I will get back with the program.

Any fitness goals you’re working toward?

Just trying to stay up with the kids. These days, the kids are everyone less than 50. The hardest part of the Fitness Challenge was having to admit my age.

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