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Cayot opens Genesis 10 project division


Chandler Cayot, a Des Moines native, was given an interesting opportunity by Genesis 10. A graduate of the University of Kansas, he has worked in several sales and marketing jobs and done consulting work. He watched the consulting industry changing in 1999 and 2000. Eventually he realized that the company he was working for wasn’t changing with the times and its clients’ buying habits.

He began brainstorming, looking for a niche that wasn’t being served. New York-based Genesis 10 approached Cayot about joining the technical staffing firm. He turned down the offer, as he and a partner wanted to work in project management, not technical staffing. The company agreed to begin a project management division.

“We got to build a successful business from scratch,” Cayot said. He feels it’s a significant accomplishment, especially in such a tough economy. “People have really embraced what we do and how we do it.”

The company provides workers to help clients complete projects. Cayot describes the workers as general contractors who bring the pieces of a job together to meet employers’ needs. He says they don’t set strategies or tell clients how to do their jobs. Rather, Genesis 10 workers make things happen. The company also provides business analysis or re-engineering to fix company processes that aren’t getting the proper results.

As managing director of sales, Cayot oversees the sales and marketing efforts of Genesis 10’s for the Des Moines and Minneapolis offices and is responsible for the project management practice nationwide. His partner (also his sister-in-law) takes care of the day-to-day operation of the Des Moines office. His brother-in-law has the same duties in the Minneapolis office, and his wife, Angie Cayot, works on strategy and maintains worker satisfaction.

The CEO of Genesis 10 barely knew where Des Moines was when Cayot suggested opening an office here. Des Moines is the smallest market the company works in, but Cayot says his employer has been pleasantly surprised at the city’s volume of business. The office was expected to grow to 40 employees in four years, but it reached that level in just two years. Earlier this year, Software and Information Technology of Iowa named Genesis 10 the Most Promising New Company of 2003.

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