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Des Moines adds jobs from March to April

The greater Des Moines metropolitan area added about 6,000 jobs in the month of April, according to employment numbers released this morning from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Overall, Iowa added nearly 25,000 jobs from March to April. Since last year, Iowa has added a total of 16,000 jobs. Iowa’s unemployment rate for April is at 5.1 percent, a decline from 5.7 percent in March. The rates in the Des Moines metro area mirrored the state numbers.

Of the 372 metropolitan areas studied, only 25 did not improve their unemployment rates and five cities stayed the same, according to a release. 

The metropolitan unemployment numbers preview national unemployment figures the bureau will release on Friday. Analysts expect national unemployment to remain steady at 8.1 percent, according to CNN.

January and February both had larger increases in jobs than in March. The jobs report on Friday will signal whether hiring slowed only in March or if hiring continued to slow in April. 

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