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Des Moines Art Center receives grant for Belonging Project


The Des Moines Art Center has received a grant from the Art Bridges Foundation to support the Belonging Project, a two-year initiative aimed at bringing immigrant and refugee organizations in Des Moines together to explore the concept of belonging through art. The Art Bridges Foundation focuses on expanding access to American art and has facilitated the lending of two works from its collection: Ana Mendieta’s film “Fundamento de Pal Monte: Silueta Series (Gunpowder Works)” (1980) and Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s mixed media piece “I Refuse to Be Invisible” (2010). The project will offer thematic museum tours and workshops for students from immigrant and refugee organizations, providing them with greater access to the Des Moines Art Center. Students from the West Des Moines Public Schools’ Refugee and Immigrant Student Embassy (RISE) program are actively involved in designing and leading a collaborative art project, which includes participants from Des Moines’ World Refugee Day celebration and other organizations. The resulting artwork will be displayed at the Des Moines Art Center during a public celebration scheduled for Aug. 25. This event aims to raise awareness about the refugees and immigrants rebuilding their lives in Central Iowa, while emphasizing community engagement and artistic expression.

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