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E-mail spam stinks


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We’ve all been victims of spam – junk e-mail – and it’s annoying. But that doesn’t mean e-mail cannot be an effective marketing tool. Don’t shy away from using e-mail if it makes sense. You just need to use it wisely and with great respect.

If your content or offer has value to the receivers, they’ll invite you back in. If you waste their time or are too slick or sleazy in your tactics, out the door you’ll go.

No matter how strong your message or how welcome you are, you still need to obey the law. To comply with the law, all of your marketing e-mail messages should include the following:

Your name in the “From” field. That’s where people look first to decide whether to delete the message. If your name or your firm’s name is familiar, they will go on to read the subject line. (One way to make it familiar is by marketing to them via phone and direct mail as well.)

Write truthful, accurate subject lines. This may make it difficult to be catchy or provocative, but lets the recipients know what they’ll find if they open the message.

Include your contact info, especially your business’s postal address. In fact, it’s unprofessional not to include all of your contact info in the signature file of your e-mail message. It’s like sending a letter on a blank piece of paper instead of on your letterhead.

Make it easy to unsubscribe. You must include a link or other easy way for recipients to opt out of receiving future e-mail. And of course you must not send them e-mail again after that.

Don’t discount this effective tool. Just make sure you’re one of the good guys by playing by the rules.

Drew McLellan is Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group and blogs at www.drewsmarketingminute.com. He can be reached at Drew@MclellanMarketing.com. © 2008 Drew McLellan

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