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Equal partnership between millennial parents really means more work for both


Today’s feminism stresses that true equality must come not only from women being equal in the workplace, but also from men contributing equally at home. Millennial parents are the first to try to take on this challenge of equal contribution both in terms of the paychecks they bring home and the work that goes into childcare and household chores. Millennial parent attitudes are proving that it truly is a challenge as both parents seem to be taking on more and working harder without benefiting from the relief that their partner should, in theory, provide.

As more and more households have two incomes to rely on, we might expect to see less of a focus on the highest possible salary for both contributors — especially in a generation that is known for valuing their passions over their paychecks. Among millennial parents, however, we are seeing money as an extremely important indicator of success, suggesting parenting as a life stage is evolving some long-held millennial sentiments.

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