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Industry group launches national portal for accessing legal notices


Newspaper Association Managers, a publishing industry group, recently announced that it has created a national portal that provides easy accessibility to legal notices from across the country. The website, USALegalNotice.com, provides direct access to 47 public notice websites from across the country that are operated by state newspaper associations, including Iowa’s. Notices include foreclosures, public hearings, financial reports, ordinances and resolutions, among other essential government proceedings. The purpose of the website is twofold, said Beth Bennett, executive director of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association, which currently oversees the production of the website. “First, it’s important to be able to tell [the] government that they are receiving ‘two for the price of one’ — a print and digital placement. And second, individuals are not going to peruse government websites, so placing notices there would be a static placement; however, publishing in a newspaper would actually push the information out.”

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