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Industry leaders, White House search for end to botnets


President Barack Obama and technology industry leaders will unveil a new cybersecurity program today to protect against botnets – networks of personal computers infected with malicious software that are used to attack other computers. 

The program would help Internet service providers and the financial services industry share information regarding botnets to prevent attacks like the one that plagued Citigroup Inc. last year. 

The White House has previously opposed a bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives that encouraged private companies to share information, saying it wasn’t strong enough, according to Bloomberg. The White House does support a bill in the U.S. Senate that would give the Department of Homeland Security the authority to regulate cybersecurity.

Among the industry leaders at the event was CenturyLink Inc.’s CEO and President, Glen F. Post III. 

Post, who chairs a Federal Communications Commission council tasked with developing ways the technology industry can combat cyber-attacks, shared how CenturyLink created its own botnet program several years ago to quell attacks on the company.

“CenturyLink actively seeks opportunities to work with government and industry to make the Internet safer and more secure for our customers,” Post said in a release. “Our combined capabilities and competencies put us in a stronger, more effective position to counter the threat of botnets and improve the security of the Internet.”

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