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Inside the brain of a leader

How do Des Moines' brightest think, behave and lead? We tested some of the most successful people in our community to develop the profile of a leader.


Purpose of the study:  
We wanted to take a look at the personality traits and behavior of leaders in our community, and compare them across both age and gender, in order to better understand the profile of a leader. The study, although far from a scientifically sound experiment, is based on the science and credibility of the assessment software and is a glimpse inside the brains of Des Moines’ leaders.

Whom we tested:
In total, 36 area leaders participated. We selected members of varying age from the Business Record’s Forty Under 40 classes. Participants were broken down by age into three groups of 10: Ages 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54. Each group consisted of five males and five females. In the fourth and final group we selected six leaders – three male and three female – ages 55+. These were not Forty Under 40 members, but they are widely held as leaders in the community.

How we tested:
The Business Record partnered with Merit Resources Inc., which utilized Profiles International Inc.’s Profile XT total person assessment. Profile XT is a test of both verbal and numerical abilities and a survey of personality traits. Profile International has more than 40,000 clients nationwide that use the software to hire for top level positions, make succession plans and develop the abilities of their employees.

Analyzing the data:
Upon completion, each participant received a scientific analysis of his or her thinking style and behavioral traits on a scale of 1-10, and a list of occupational interests. Merit Resources’ Jason Kiesau then compiled the results for all our participants. The resulting data provided a profile of a leader for each age group, for males, for females, and an overall profile of leaders in Des Moines.

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