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Iowa business court is here to stay


The Iowa Business Specialty Court has cleared its test run and has been declared a part of the state’s judicial system. A three-year experiment with the business court, which handles complex commercial cases that involve more than $200,000 in dispute, was to expire in midsummer. However, the Iowa Supreme Court said yesterday that the business courts would remain a fixture of the state court system. The cases are presided over by Judges Michael Huppert of Des Moines, Annette Scieszinski of Albia and John Telleen of LeClaire. In July 2015, the judicial branch, in an evaluation of the pilot project, found that attorneys who have had cases in the project strongly supported the business court and wanted it to become a permanent part of the Iowa civil litigation system, according to a release. The 2015 and the initial 2014 evaluations are posted on the judicial branch website. After another evaluation in July, the court will decide whether any tweaks are necessary. Read about the Iowa Business Specialty Court at BusinessRecord.com.

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