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Iowa DOT receives federal grants to create innovative technologies


The Iowa Department of Transportation has been awarded $2 million in federal grants for projects that create innovative transportation technologies. The projects are among 10 in eight states that received a total of $8.8 million in Federal Highway Administration grants that were announced today. The Iowa DOT and Buena Vista County received $1 million to use technologies to map and identify the state’s gravel road network and create a tool to manage the data and calculate performance to give county engineers and the state an indication of the remaining life of those roads. The Iowa DOT also received another $1 million for E-ticketing and other technologies as part of a pilot project designed to schedule timely and critical repairs. The project will also feature technology that will turn project delivery from a two-dimensional plan model to a three-dimensional model encompassing a digital of the infrastructure. Funding for the grants are provided by the Federal Highway Administration’s Accelerated Innovation Deployment Demonstration Program.

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