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Iowa’s historic tax credit preservation program


Since the fiscal year that began July 1, 2017, 175 projects have been awarded Historic Preservation Tax Credits, according to information provided by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The chart includes 20 projects that have been award the most money in the past five years, where the project is located, project type and award year.

Historical building nameAward amountBuilding location (city or county)StatusApplicantProperty type
Hotel Fort Des Moines$13,605,437 Des MoinesAwardedHawkeye HotelsHotel/other lodging
Warrior Hotel$12,416,067 Sioux CityAwardedRestoration St. LouisHotel/other lodging
Hippee Building $9,600,000 Des MoinesAwarded206 6th Avenue, LLCHotel/other lodging
Carr, Ryder & Adams Co. Bldg. 24 $8,750,000 DubuqueAwardedGronen Development, Inc.Office/commercial
Gordon-Van Tine Lofts $7,590,085 Scott CountyAwardedY & J Properties LLCN/A
Roshek Brothers Department Store $7,550,000 DubuqueAwardedGronen Development, Inc.Office/commercial
Des Moines Howard Johnson Motor Lodge $5,099,000 Des MoinesAwardedChristensen DevelopmentHotel/other lodging
Warnock/Benson Building $4,987,870 Sioux CtyAwardedHarKay Development LLCMixed use
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern RR Building $4,505,303 Cedar RapidsAwardedThe Palmer Building, LCResidential (market rate)
Badgerow Building $4,503,466 Sioux CityAwardedRosin Preservation, LLCMixed use
Kahl Buildng/Capitol Theater $4,451,777 DavenportAwardedAles & Company, LCMixed use
John Deere Tractor Company R Building $4,136,924 WaterlooAwardedLincoln Savings BankOffice/commercial
The Davidson Building $4,118,689 Sioux CityAwardedRestoration St. LouisMixed use
Motor Mart $4,022,145 Sioux CityAwardedJ Development Company, LLCMixed use
Security Building $3,994,615 DubuqueAwardedCottingham & Butler, Inc. Office/commercial
Dows Building $3,982,311 Cedar RapidsAwardedAdroit LCMixed use
Grand Trees $3,851,832 Des MoinesAwardedDalton Partners, LLCResidential (market rate)
Amana Woolen Mill Complex $3,800,000 AMANAAwardedAMANA SOCIETY INC.Hotel/other lodging
Hotel Maytag $3,595,114 Jasper CountyAwardedHotel Maytag Investors, LLCN/A
Smulekoff’s Warehouse $3,589,332 Linn CountyAwardedSLE Investments, LCN/A
McCormick Harvesting Machine Company Building $3,465,355 Council BluffsAwardedPACE/HARVESTER II LLCEducational/museum/library
Wilson Building $2,956,121 ClintonAwardedEconomic Growth CorporationMixed use
Centennial Complex $2,700,000 WaverlyAwardedWartburg CollegeEducational/museum/library
Central Annex $2,618,104 Woodbury CountyAwardedThe Aberdeen Apartments Limited Liability CompanyN/A
Globe Machinery and Supply Co/Globe Hoist $2,482,490 Des MoinesAwarded217 E Second, LLCOffice/commercial
Kretschmer Manufacturing Company $2,451,906 DubuqueAwardedStraka Johnson Architects P.C.Residential (market rate)
Catholic Pastoral Center $2,110,357 Polk CountyAwardedDiocese of Des MoinesN/A
St. Mary’s Catholic Church & Rectory $2,101,922 Dubuque CountyAwardedSS Event Center LLCN/A
Louden Housing $2,101,727 Jefferson CountyAwardedCBC Financial CorporationN/A
John Blaul & Sons $2,022,307 Burlington AwardedY & J Properties LLCResidential (market rate)
Griffin Building $1,908,693 Des Moines AwardedDes Moines Griffin Building, LLCN/A
Historic Winterset Apartments $1,903,439 WintersetAwardedWHSA LLLPResidential (low/moderate income)
Argonne Building $1,802,250 Des MoinesAwardedJarcor, LLCMixed use
Buchanan School / Naval Station $1,738,792 Scott CountyAwardedNaval Station, LLCN/A
Rehabilitation of Metz Manufacturing buildings (two) $1,536,625 Dubuque CountyAwardedMetx LLCN/A
Kahl Building/Capitol Theater $1,526,110 DavenportAwardedAles & Company, LCMixed use
Waverly Historic Lofts $1,519,355 Bremer CountyAwardedWaverly Historic Lofts, LLCN/A
Hershey Building $1,500,596 MuscatineAwardedHershey Property LLCMixed use
Montgomery Ward Building $1,436,779 Sioux CityAwardedJ Development Company, LLCMixed use
First National Bank of Davenport $1,374,095 DavenportAwardedNewbury Management CompanyResidential (low/moderate income)
Red Oak High School $1,359,461 Red OakAwardedRed Oak Partners, LLCResidential (low/moderate income)
Telegraph Herald Building $1,320,568 DubuqueAwardedWoodward Communications, Inc.Office/commercial
Reliable Rug Co. Complex $1,313,895 Des MoinesAwardedAust Real Estate, LLCOffice/commercial
Acadian Manor $1,299,246 Des MoinesAwardedDalton Partners, LLCResidential (low/moderate income)
Highlander Supper Club & Convention Center $1,264,009 Iowa CityAwardedCatalyst Development NewtonHotel/other lodging
Marquette Hall $1,225,464 Dubuque CountyAwardedMarquette Hall, LLCN/A
Masonic Block $1,181,369 McGregorAwardedAust Real Estate, LLCResidential (market rate)
Brucemore $1,181,324 Cedar RapidsAwardedBrucemore, Inc.Educational/museum/library
Storm Lake High School $1,130,000 Storm LakeAwardedFoutch BrothersResidential (market rate)
International Harvester Truck Sales and Service $1,070,750 DavenportAwardedIH Bowstring Lofts LLCResidential (market rate)
Central Oil Works $1,066,313 Des MoinesAwardedDalton Partners, LLCMixed use
500 Block of West Broadway $1,046,975 Council BluffsAwardedPottawattamie County Development CorporationMixed use
Everett School $1,030,439 Sioux CityAwardedArch Icon DevelopmentResidential (low/moderate income)
McConnell Building $998,827 BurlingtonAwardedMcConnell Lofts LLC.Residential (market rate)
Waverly Palace Theater $975,356 WaverlyAwardedMovie Guys, LLCMixed use
Varsity Theater $962,765 Des MoinesAwardedDes Moines Film / Varsity CinemaOther
Grundy High School $925,707 Grundy CenterAwardedMaroon & White Inc.Educational/museum/library
General Machine and Supply Company Building $905,277 WaterlooAwardedJSA Development, LLCMixed use
Hotel Whitney $902,399 Cass CountyAwardedWhitney Group, LLC. N/A
French Way Cleaners $871,195 Des MoinesAwardedDEV PartnersMixed use
Friedl Bakery Building $839,741 WaterlooAwardedCedar Valley Real Estate LLCMixed use
Roosevelt Apartments $810,460 DavenportAwardedAndrew Wold Investments L.L.C.Residential (market rate)
WOC Broadcast Centre $802,015 DavenportAwardedDavenport Historic Preservation Consulting LLCOffice/commercial
Brooklyn Opera House $794,898 BrooklynAwardedBrooklyn Opera HouseOther
A&P Super Market Building $779,753 Des MoinesAwardedDalton Partners, LLCRetail
Iowa Ford Tractor Company Building $776,250 Des MoinesAwarded13th & Mulberry, LLCOffice/commercial
Hoyt Sherman Place $710,095 Des MoinesAwardedHoyt Sherman Place FoundationMixed use
Webberking Building/Mulberry Street Apartments $659,815 WaterlooAwardedJSA Development, LLCMixed use
Valley Auto Co. – Morgan Auto Co. Garage $622,291 West Des MoinesAwardedDalton Partners, LLCRestaurant/Bar
CARADCO Turbine Building $595,000 DubuqueAwardedDriftless Properties, LLCMixed use
Brucemore $538,451 Cedar RapidsAwardedBrucemore, Inc.Educational/museum/library
Hibernia Hall $525,000 Davenport AwardedY & J Properties LLCResidential (market rate)
German Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage $513,093 DubuqueAwardedUnitarian Universalist Fellowship of DubuqueChurch
First United Bretheren Church $506,510 ToledoAwardedHobart Historic RestorationResidential (market rate)
Indianola Carnegie Library $497,757 IndianolaAwardedDes Moines Metro Opera, Inc.Office/commercial
Worley Livery $488,982 Scott CountyAwardedY&J Properties LLCN/A
Euclid Avenue State Bank Building $475,000 Des MoinesAwardedBenchmark Real Estate GroupOffice/commercial
7 Hills Brewery Project 1 $424,197 Dubuque CountyAwarded7 Hills Brewing CO, LLCN/A
440 E. Grand $404,973 Polk CountyAwardedRE3, LLCN/A
I.O.O.F. Commercial BLock $385,139 JeffersonAwardedEast State Street Properties, LLCOffice/commercial
Fort Madison 801 Avenue G Building, LLC $373,652 Lee CountyAwardedBarker Financial LLCN/A
James Howie Block $342,513 DubuqueAwardedCARICH PROPERTIES LLCResidential (low/moderate income)
Hotel Chieftain $342,017 PottawattamiAwardedThe Chiefain, LLCN/A
Hotel Manning $311,972 KeosauquaAwardedHotel Manning Preservation GroupHotel/other lodging
Kingston Building Historic Rehabilitation Project $299,780 Linn CountyAwardedMatthew 25 Ministry HubN/A
Novelty Iron Works $288,515 DubuqueAwardedNovelty Iron Landlord LLCMixed use
WCFN Terminal Building $246,944 WaterlooAwardedJSA Development, LLCOffice/commercial
The Englert Theatre $235,545 Iowa CityAwardedEnglert TheatreOffice/commercial
Judge Franklin C. Platt Residence Rehabilitation $231,043 WaterlooAwardedJSA Development, LLCResidential (market rate)
Head Brothers Bank Block $187,500 JeffersonAwardedJefferson City View Properties LLCMixed use
Plymouth Congregational Church $187,500 Des MoinesAwardedWilliam Colgan Page, Inc.Church
Hosea S. and Elizabeth Case House $187,500 DenmarkAwardedDaniel DeCook TrustResidential (market rate)
East Des Moines Union Depot $187,500 Polk CountyAwardedDes Moines Heritage CenterN/A
Grace United Methodist Church $187,500 Polk CountyAwardedGrace United Methodist ChurchN/A
Stout House Rehabilitation $187,500 Dubuque CountyAwardedStout Landlord LLCN/A
Key City Iron Works $187,500 Dubuque CountyAwardedThree AmigosN/A
Shores-Mueller Company $187,500 Linn CountyAwardedCentral Park PartnersN/A
131 Main – Avec Holdings $187,500 Story CountyAwardedAvec Holdings, LLCN/A
Robert W. Mickle Neighborhood Resource Center – 1 $187,500 Polk CountyAwardedNeighborhood Investment CorporationN/A
Rocklin Manufacturing $187,500 WoodburyAwarded110 SJ, LLCN/A
Rowell Hardware Co. Building $187,500 Linn CountyAwardedRowell Hardware Development LLCN/A
Lapiner Building Rehabilitation $187,470 Cerro Gordo CountyAwardedBluehouse Properties, LLCN/A
Victorian Double House $187,449 Des MoinesAwardedIndigo Dawn, LLCResidential (market rate)
Victorian Double House $186,574 Des MoinesAwardedIndigo Dawn, LLCResidential (market rate)
China-US Friendship Center $179,060 Muscatine CountyAwardedGlobal Center Group IncN/A
Silver Celebration $174,154 Marion CountyAwardedPella Opera HouseN/A
Phelitus P. and Delilah I. Dawson House $173,607 Des MoinesAwardedLaneways 1, LLCResidential (market rate)
Clark House $165,315 Polk CountyAwardedWilliam Colgan Page, Inc.N/A
Heritage Center Roof Repair $164,836 Des Moines CountyAwardedDes Moines County Historical SocietyN/A
Professor Floyd and Elizabeth Edwards Davis House $159,980 Des MoinesAwardedLaneways 1, LLCResidential (market rate)
St. Ambrose Rectory $157,284 Polk CountyAwardedSt. Ambrose CathedralN/A
Albertson Rehabilitation $156,590 Madison CountyAwardedAspen Real Estate LLCN/A
Herbert M. Reed Residence Rehabilitation $153,885 WaterlooAwardedJSA Development, LLCResidential (market rate)
115 W. 2nd Street S. $153,883 Jasper CountyAwardedGG 115, LLCN/A
Perkins House rehab $151,252 Linn CountyAwardedGutschmidt Properties, Inc.N/A
Doudna House, Project One $147,111 Polk CountyAwardedLaneways 1, LLCN/A
Bisesi 1912 Rehabilitation $143,853 Muscatine CountyAwardedBisesi 1912 LLCN/A
Egloff House $142,352 Cerro Gordo CountyAwardedCommunity Benefit Mason CityN/A
The Hatchery $139,614 Poweshiek CountyAwardedAJP Enterprises LLCN/A
Taubman Block $133,262 Jackson CountyAwarded563 Properties LLCN/A
Christian William Mennig House $132,350 Polk CountyAwardedKristen GriffithN/A
Palen Block $121,481 Dubuque CountyAwardedRichard Taft 1812 LLCN/A
Good Burlington $117,770 Des Moines CountyAwardedGood Burlington LLC.N/A
Interior Restoration $116,270 Fremont CountyAwardedSt. Patrick ChurchN/A
Morgan John and Liza (Guilloz) Alexander House $114,000 Des MoinesAwardedTeresa L. WeidmaierResidential (market rate)
Lowell Apartments $112,500 Polk CountyAwardedSherman Hill Coop Housing AssociationN/A
Eastern Iowa Tire, Inc. $112,403 Polk CountyAwardedEastern Iowa Tire, IncN/A
The Luther A. and Elinore T. Brewer House $107,125 Cedar RapidsAwardedFish And A Marker, LLCMixed use
Stone-Richman-Musser House $103,500 MuscatineAwardedVincent LawsonResidential (market rate)
56-58/60 Bluff Street $95,335 Dubuque CountyAwardedJohn McAndrewsN/A
Harter House $91,347 Polk CountyAwardedJERCH, LLCN/A
Bradley Mansion $88,300 Iowa County AwardedHome OwnerN/A
Rothschild-Cohn House $87,500 MuscatineAwardedFredrick GalosoResidential (market rate)
Clemans House Rehab $ 82,804 Linn CountyAwardedGutschmidt Properties, Inc.N/A
Kenyon-Bremer/Katz House $ 81,417 Iowa CityAwardedKenyon-Bremer/Katz HouseResidential (market rate)
Upper Story Rehabilitation $ 69,222 Des Moines CountyAwardedIndividualN/A
Isaac Jones Speculation House $ 67,528 Polk CountyAwardedJERCH, LLCN/A
Renovation of 718 Bridge Avenue $ 65,818 Scott CountyAwardedHomeownerN/A
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral $ 65,327 Scott CountyAwardedTrinity Episcopal CathedralN/A
Sextro Upper Story Apartments $ 63,544 Carroll CountyAwardedSextro Rentals LLCN/A
Mogelberg House, Project 1 $ 59,176 Polk CountyAwardedbrad argoN/A
Francis M. Kirkham House-Project 1 $ 56,561 Polk CountyAwardedOwnerN/A
Lovelace Restoration of Cooley-Whitney House $ 55,937 Winneshiek CountyAwardedMark and Lea Lovelace Cooley Whitney House ProjectN/A
2721 Linden St. $ 52,146 Polk CountyAwardedRally Cap PropertiesN/A
High Lawn $ 47,105 Iowa CountyAwardedRally Cap PropertiesN/A
Charlotte E. Maish House $ 46,529 Des MoinesAwardedKelli Lydon Research Services, LLCResidential (market rate)
Roswell and Elizabeth Garst Farmhouse Exterior Restoration $ 46,469 Guthrie CountyAwardedWhiterock ConservancyN/A
Dennis, Archa & Mary, I-House $ 44,891 DecorahAwardedTectonics RestorationResidential (low/moderate income)
Wide River Winery Village Tasting Room $ 42,315 Scott CountyAwardedWide River Properties, LLCN/A
1711 9th Street Historic Preservation Project $ 36,090 Polk CountyAwardedRiverBend Development Partners, LLCN/A
H.P. and V.O. Baker House, Project 1 $ 33,853 Polk CountyAwardedwheelerN/A
BishopBarn $ 32,707 Warren CountyAwardedBishop BarnN/A
Exterior Renew-Chimneys, Roof, Paint $ 32,198 Johnson CountyAwardedWilliam J. MeansN/A
802 Burnett Ave $ 31,810 Story CountyAwardedselfN/A
Davidson House $ 30,072 Polk CountyAwardedHildebrand Properties, LLCN/A
Young-Gilman Barn $ 29,833 Madison CountyAwardedLuann and Peter GilmanN/A
Exterior rehabiliation of city market building $ 29,828 Scott CountyAwardedBig Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi ValleyN/A
ForestGrove-Round2 $ 29,784 Scott CountyAwardedForest Grove School PreservationN/A
2835 Kingman Blvd. $ 27,110 Polk CountyAwardedRally Cap PropertiesN/A
Strauss House, Project 3 $ 26,778 Polk CountyAwardedPorter-GreenN/A
William H. Meek House $ 26,655 Polk CountyAwardedRally Cap Properties LLCN/A
The Stoner House $ 25,000 Polk CountyAwardedJulia McMahonN/A
Calder House rehab $ 24,379 Linn CountyAwardedOlinger Investment CorpN/A
Rehabilitation of the H.F. and Alice W. Jones House $ 20,275 Linn CountyAwardednoneN/A
Brick restoration and handicapped ramp installation $ 20,198 Keokuk CountyAwardedSs.Peter&Paul Clear Creek Heritage AssociationN/A
Sundae Morning Farm Restoration $ 19,118 Boone CountyAwardedSundae Morning Farm RestorationN/A
Paul and Emilie (Krause) Karlowa House $ 17,658 DavenportAwardedDavenport Historic Preservation Consulting LLCResidential (market rate)
Ross Grain Elevator $ 13,576 Audubon CountyAwardedRoss Grain ElevatorN/A
Sawyer Rehwaldt Exterior $ 13,266 MuscatineAwardedJane Reischauer N/A
Thomas M. Langan House $ 12,325 Des MoinesAwardedSondra AshmoreResidential (market rate)
Locust School Wall Restoration $ 12,323 Winneshiek CountyAwardedWinneshiek County Historical Society N/A
Gould-Round 2 $ 8,647 Scott CountyAwardedHome ownerN/A
Project I $ 7,803 Marion CountyAwardedNAN/A
Henry Lischer House (Project #2) $2,144 Scott CountyAwardedFrances Marion MeginnisN/A
Historic Preservaton $2,068 MuscatineAwardedownerN/A
Source: Iowa Economic Development Authority


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