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Knowler takes on technology with General Casualty


When Delsin Knowler graduated from Coe College in 1996 with a degree in sports science, he wasn’t sure what to do next. For nine months he managed a store, and one day the wife of an acquaintance from the gym changed his life. She referred him to Hewitt Associates, a Chicago-based human resources consulting firm. Knowler worked there for two years and decided he wanted to make a change.

“I wanted to try to gain some more experience with technology through a technical consulting firm called Maxim Group/Tek Systems,” Knowler said.      For three years he worked for the firm consulting with IBM and AT&T Global Network Services in Schaumburg, Ill.

“The technology was challenging and stimulating,” Knowler said.

Eventually, however, he grew restless again. He quit his job and moved to Colorado Springs where he skied, golfed and took time to consider his next move. One possibility was joining General Casualty Insurance Co., which had offered him a job as a technology representative back when he was working in Chicago.

“I turned it down because things were going so well,” Knowler said. “A year and a half later, I decided I wanted to come back here to the Midwest, to Iowa, so I called them. I went through a few telephone interviews and that was that.”

As a technology representative, Knowler travels to the offices of independent insurance offices to trouble-shoot, to train agents on how to use e-business tools and to install software that allows them to interface with the General Casualty Web tools. It keeps him busy, and that’s how he likes it.

“There’s no time for downtime,” he said. “I’m always meeting new people and it’s a very, very good company to work for. The people here are down to earth. I have a boss who understands me as a worker and I understand what he wants me to accomplish.”

If there’s one thing Knowler doesn’t like, it’s speculating on what he wants for his career in the future.

“I’m too new right now to figure it out, but I want to make a positive impact on the company and a commitment and see where that takes me,” he said.  

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