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Mercy’s Urbandale clinic will relocate


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Mercy Family Medicine of Urbandale will be packing up its things and moving this summer. The clinic, which is currently located at 3005 86th St. in Urbandale, will move just a few miles to a new facility at 4005 N.W. Urbandale Drive.

“They have grown and their patient base has grown, so they are just getting into a space that will be more accommodating,” said Traci McBee, a Mercy Clinics Inc. spokeswoman, noting the clinic will not be adding any services. “They’re just moving a few miles, which will be nice for patients because they won’t have to go very far to find them.”

McBee said the physical therapy space at the current clinic has been outpaced by client demand and was not meeting the growth needs of the clinic. In response, Mercy started drafting plans for a proposed relocation site about a year ago.

“It’s coming along well; the exterior is done and the interior is coming along,” said Luke Garnaas, the project manager from Ladco Development Inc. “And hopefully the weather won’t be an issue anymore now that we’re through the winter.”

The new 16,000-square-foot family practice, physical therapy and primary care facility is owned by Ladco, and Mercy is leasing the building. The single-story building sits on two acres of land just north of Douglas Avenue and 100th Street.

Ball Construction Services LLC, a Ladco affiliate, broke ground on the site in October of last year, and plans to have the facility complete by July 1. McBee said the clinic hopes to be relocated and open for patients shortly after construction ceases.

More than 35 staff members will move to the new clinic once it’s finished, including the six physicians who practice at the existing facility.

McBee said Mercy also is expanding its clinic in Pleasant Hill, which is slated to be complete in May. Once the expansion is finished at that location, the clinic will be able to offer specialty care as well as family practice, physical therapy and primary care.

“Mercy East in Pleasant Hill will actually be adding services,” McBee said. “They will be adding physical therapy and there will be specialists rotating in and out of the building; that way clients don’t have to travel all the way downtown and can have those services close to where they’re at.”

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