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NOTEBOOK – ONE GOOD READ: Eagles – and other birds of prey – eat more than fish. They also like your pets.


Last summer, as I was sitting on my patio working, I watched a hawk swoop down from far above, grab a young bunny that had emerged from under a neighbor’s shed, and fly away with its lunch. I wasn’t sad to see the bunny be taken; its family had been munching on my broccoli and pepper plants. But I made a mental note to always be sure my cats didn’t sneak outside, which is probably why a recent article in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention. In the Pacific Northwest, owners of small pets are outfitting their dogs and cats in spiked collars and armor-like vests to keep them from becoming meals for the growing bald eagle population, writes Jen Murphy for the Journal. “Eagles are strong enough to carry a 12-pound salmon, so a 4-pound dog is nothing,” Mark Robokoff, who owns a pet shop, told Murphy.  The shop sells protective jackets covered in Kevlar and spikes. The vests’ bright red nylon whiskers also scare away eagles circling from above, he said.

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