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NOTEBOOK – ONE GOOD READ: Go ahead and fail


Perfectionism can make you miserable, Arthur C. Brooks writes in the Atlantic, so you have to muster up the courage to mess up. Brooks writes about it in the context of being a classical musician and one wrong move dooming you – but this fear isn’t unique to one industry. He cites a study that found 90% of CEOs “admit fear of failure keeps them up at night more than any other concern.” Interestingly, Brooks mentioned that social media, among other factors, may be making us more afraid of failure. It makes sense – now our failures, either professional or personal, can be tracked for everyone to see. It leads to a culture where he said “perfectionism and the fear of failure go hand in hand: They lead you to believe that success isn’t about doing something good, but about not doing something bad.” He offers many solutions to this mindset, but says if nothing else the biggest way to overcome fear of failure is to fail, and to see yourself survive afterward.

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