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NOTEBOOK: We asked readers how comfortable they feel about their ability to retire


As part of our most recent Leaders Survey, we asked: How secure do you feel in your ability to retire comfortably? Respondents could answer anywhere from 1 (not secure at all) to 10 (very secure). 

The weighted average was 6.8. Here were some of the comments: 

Rating: 7. “I feel I am saving well, but retirement is a long way away. If the price of health care continues to rise and anyone in my family has major health issues, nothing would be certain.” 

-Ben Wollner, engineer, CB Solar Inc.

Rating: 8. “I meet with my financial adviser a few times a year to ensure I am set up to retire and live the lifestyle I want. However, a lot of things can change between now and when I retire, so there are definitely times I think about the security of what my retirement strategy is. I believe it’s important to strategically save in your 20s and 30s to set you up for success later in life. I have been diligent in putting money away for my retirement, and I will continue to get advice on how to maximize my investment dollars to be secure during my retirement.” 

-Angela Jiskoot, associate product manager, Pella Corp.

Rating: 3. “I have no pension, just my savings that are invested in the market. If it crashes at the wrong time, I am screwed.” 

-Bradley Knott, managing partner, State Public Policy Group and Essman Research

Rating: 8. “I’m basing my comfort 100% on my individual retirement accounts and 0% on Social Security. If Social Security still exists in 25 years, anything I receive will be a bonus.” 

-Creighton Cox, manager of business development, Turner Construction Co.: Iowa

Rating: 7. “Projected health care costs after retiring, especially for settings that require private pay, could really skyrocket.” 

-Holly Olson, vice president of finance and accounting, Anawim Housing Inc.

Rating: 8. “We’ve been preparing responsibly for a long time.” 

-Chris Sackett, managing partner, BrownWinick Law Firm

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