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Outsourced manufacturing a security risk: report

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has called for a new emphasis on U.S. goods today after two former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials released a report on emergency materials. 

Tom Ridge, the former secretary of DHS, and Robert Stephan, a former assistant secretary, have released a new report saying the United States is stepping into a dangerous area since a lot because of the country’s emergency equipment and general goods are made overseas.

“Relying on a potentially hostile trading partner in a time of need puts our national security at risk,” according to the report.  “There are also many important vulnerabilities associated with the structural fragility of our infrastructure nodes and systems, many of which are at or near the end of their projected operational life spans and in need of a thorough overhaul.”

Ridge and Stephan cited the example of China, which produces more steel than the United States and key ingredients for antibiotics, which could pose a risk if there were a bioterrorism attack.

The report calls for the United States to reinvest in America’s infrastructure using U.S. products, beef up trade laws and invest in American workers.

“We must take concrete steps now to insource our preparedness capabilities,”Scott Paul, executive director of the AAM, said in a release. “We may not be able to predict when catastrophic events will occur, but we can do much to ensure that America is equipped to prepare for, respond to, and minimize the impact when disaster strikes.”

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