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Regency principal files for bankruptcy


John Gamble, former chief financial officer of the failed Regency real estate companies, will liquidate his assets under federal bankruptcy laws, citing assets of $225,583 and liabilities of nearly $24.6 million due to business creditors. Many of the debts reflect Gamble’s share of foreclosure judgments against a variety of Regency-related development projects in which he was a partner along with company principals James Myers, Robert Myers and Regency co-founder Richard Moffitt. James Myers’ bankruptcy case is pending in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Des Moines. Gamble and his wife, who is a co-debtor in the bankruptcy filing, have lost their Adel home through foreclosure and now live in West Des Moines, according to the bankruptcy filing. He is employed as an accountant by Wolf Construction Co. Inc. of West Des Moines, according to bankruptcy court documents.

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