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Sluggish economy means U.S. Treasury securities beat other bonds


Treasurys are beating all other U.S. fixed-income securities for the first time in three quarters as investors around the world seek the safest assets, Bloomberg reported. U.S. government debt has gained 2.9 percent since March, while corporate bonds returned 1.9 percent, mortgages rose 1 percent and municipal bonds increased 1.8 percent, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch index data, Bloomberg said. The combination of Europe’s debt crisis, China’s slowdown and record stimulus by the Federal Reserve means Treasurys are outperforming the global bond market by 1.3 percentage points, after lagging behind by 2.4 percentage points in the previous quarter. The returns show that even after the Fed kept the economy growing for 11 consecutive quarters by buying $2.3 trillion of assets and continuing to swap $667 billion of short-term debt into longer-term securities, bond investors expect the economy will remain sluggish, Bloomberg said.

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