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Southeast connector project prompts relocation of downtown business


Central Wire & Iron will relocate its light industrial manufacturing business from 401 S.E. Fourth St. to make way for the Southeast Connector, which will link West Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway to the U.S. Highway 65 bypass.

On Jan. 12, the Des Moines City Council approved conveying a parcel at 2101 De Wolf St. to the owners of Central Wire, Benjamin and Louis Zenti, for $70,000 as part of an Urban Renewal Development Agreement. The agreement also outlines terms of a three-year tax abatement, an economic development assistance grant and a $20,000 Economic Development Grant to be provided when occupancy of the building begins.

Point Builders LLC, the general contractor, expects to break ground on the De Wolf parcel for a proposed a 14,000-square-foot office and fabrication processing plant by mid-April, said Doug Munn, a project manager. Benjamin Zenti said he expects to move Central Wire into the new facility in September or October, assuming there are no weather-related construction delays.

The anticipated project cost is $1.3 million, according to a report by the city manager’s office. A city official was not immediately available to confirm whether a site plan had been submitted and/or approved.

On Feb. 19, the Southeast Fourth Street property was transferred to the city of Des Moines from Benjamin and Louis Zenti for $600,000 through the execution of a special warranty deed.

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