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Stuart’s company propels start-ups


Mike Stuart started six years ago with an innovative business model and implementation plans to yield a higher success rate than is typical for venture capital firms.

Stuart is the co-founder of Growth Ventures Group Inc., a venture development firm focusing on technology-based start-ups.

The firm employs a strategy of “fixing” companies by using its own resources, time and experienced management team. With Growth Venture’s methods, resources are never secondary in the planning.

“Most VC firms expect only 1 out of 10 companies to be a ‘home run’ in terms of success and return on investment to the stakeholders,” Stuart said. “We put into practice a system that would result in a much higher probability of success for our client companies.”

Stuart said Growth Venture can provide these companies with the highest quality of service possible because it is selective in taking on clients..

“A lot of venture capital firms will stretch themselves too thin, where we have focused on making these two companies successful,” Stuart said. “Since we invest our own money and put our own executives in place, we want to really focus on making these companies successful.”

Growth Venture’s decision to focus foremost on the two companies has proved beneficial to their immediate growth. Stuart says that by the end of May, the companies will have raised $2 million over the past year.

“The outcome of our business model has a much higher probability of success for our investors,” Stuart said. “We are ready for the next level of growth now. It gives us the money for the national expansion that these two companies are looking at.”

As president of Growth Ventures, Stuart is tied closely to one of the client companies, Computility Inc., as its president and co-founder. He is also on the advisory board for Micoy Inc., the other client.

Now that Computility and Micoy show encouraging signs of stability, Growth Ventures is planning to add a third client company by the end of the year. It will likely be a “gazelle” company, one with potential for fast growth and high market valuations.

“We have a list of criteria that we put business plans through,” Stuart said. “We’ll make a decision, hopefully by mid-summer, as to who we’ve narrowed it down to.”  

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