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U.S. Commerce Department secretary resigns

John Bryson, the secretary of commerce, told Commerce Department employees this morning that he is resigning from his post, according to Reuters. 

On Monday, June 11, Bryson sent a letter to President Barack Obama saying he intended to take a medical leave of absence. The previous weekend, Bryson was found unconscious in his car after running into two cars near his home in Los Angeles. 

Aides to Bryson said they suspected the commerce secretary had a seizure while driving, according to Reuters. One of the car crashes is being investigated as a felony hit-and-run.

In a letter to Obama on Wednesday, Bryson said he was resigning due to concerns with his health. 

“This is a critical period for our country’s economy,” Bryson said in the letter. “I have concluded that the seizure I suffered on June 9th could be a distraction from my performance as Secretary and that our country could be better served by a change in leadership of the Department.”

Obama released a statement Thursday saying he has accepted Bryson’s resignation and thanked him for his service. 

To read Bryson’s resignation letter, click here.

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