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Waukee Betterment Foundation announces 2023 endowment fund


Applications for the Waukee Betterment Foundation’s endowment fund are now open until Aug. 15. Organizations interested in applying for endowment grants can submit their applications through the Waukee Betterment Foundation’s website. In 2022, the Endowment Fund supported various organizations, including Love for Red, Waukee Area Christian Services, Waukee Area Historical Society, Waukee Community School Foundation, Can Play and the Waukee YMCA. These grants have helped enhance the community and make it a better place for residents. “Whether it’s raising a family or retiring to a community with great amenities, Waukee has been a great place to live and grow for many people,” Jim Miller, Waukee Betterment Endowment Fund chair, said in a prepared statement. “The Waukee Betterment Foundation is dedicated to finding ways to build on the community and make it better now and for years to come.”

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