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What they’re checking out: Week of August 11


As an ongoing feature, staff members at the Des Moines Public Library will recommend a business-related book to add to your reading list. Find this and more books like it at any of the Des Moines Public Library’s six locations and online at dmpl.org. And find information on how to get a FREE library card and all its benefits at www.dmpl.org/get-carded.


Des Moines Public Library business book pick: “Wait, I’m Working With Who?,” by Peter Economy

Why you should read it: Billed as an “essential guide to dealing with difficult coworkers, annoying managers, and other toxic personalities,” this 2021 book is filled with practical advice to make your workday happier and more productive despite personnel challenges. Economy catalogs 16 specific “species” of problematic co-workers, sharing detailed steps on how to deal with each.

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