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What to keep an eye on this week in the Iowa Legislature


Here are six bills to watch this week at the Statehouse:
1. House File 283Would make it a crime to use synthetic urine or another person’s urine to defraud a drug or alcohol test.
2. House File 313: Would prohibit counties or cities from imposing restrictions on certain temporary and short-term businesses run by children under 18 years old. Such businesses would include a “stand,” according to the bill.
3. House File 381: Increases the percentage of damage a vehicle can have before being issued a salvage title. Iowa’s rate is currently at 50%, but if approved, the bill would increase that to 70%, similar to other neighboring states.
4. Senate File 284: Allocates $21 million for the Workday Computer software that was originally paid for with CARES Act funding that had to be returned after it was determined it was spent improperly. The House Appropriations Committee recommended passage on Monday.

5. House File 442: Reforms the mobile home section of state code to bring parity between rights of mobile home park tenants and rights of people who live in apartments.
6. Senate Study Bill 1089: Facilitates availability of high-speed internet service in underserved areas of the state, and administration of the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Fund. It was heard Monday by the Senate Commerce Subcommittee.

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