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Business Record receives awards for quality, excellence and innovation by industry peers


On behalf of Business Publications Corp., I am pleased to share that the Business Record received top honors in four categories at the recent Alliance of Area Business Publishers Editorial Excellence Awards. While we do not focus on winning awards, it is truly an honor to be recognized by industry peers at AABP, which comprises over 70 business journals across the country.

Living our mission and values as we support the business community. The Business Record mission is to help businesses do business better, and from the time Connie Wimer launched the Business Record 40 years ago, we have been dedicated to helping you succeed. In an era where local journalism is declining, we are fortunate to be a strong and growing company, thanks to the support of you, our readers and sponsors. We believe it is more important than ever to provide relevant local coverage to support leaders and local business and consider it a privilege to play a part in Iowa’s business community and in the overall economy by providing relevant, timely and high-quality journalism and events. 

Multiple Business Record products and reporters honored. Congratulations and thanks to the Business Record staff, individual awardees and the entire BPC team who work to provide you with excellent local business coverage and events. Special thanks to BPC Group Publisher Chris Conetzkey, under whose strong leadership the following products and talented individuals received recognition:

Under the leadership of Group Publisher Chris Conetzkey and Editor Emily Wood, Business Record overall received honors and individual awards went to reporters Michael Crumb and Sarah Diehn. From left: Michael Crumb, Emily Wood, Chris Conetzkey, and Sarah Diehn. Photo by Duane Tinkey

Best Daily Email – Gold, for Des Moines Business Record Daily: Under editor Emily Wood’s leadership, the Business Record Daily once again received top honors. The judges said, “Quality and variety stand out as the strengths of the ‘Business Record,’ with brief but comprehensive news information offered alongside myriad other types of content, whether it’s lighter journalistic work, essential stock information or even the day’s weather. The result is a quick, visually pleasant and solid way to start and finish the day better informed and better prepared.”

Best Feature Series – Gold: Reporter Michael Crumb was honored for his series “In Search of the Big Catch.” The judges commented: “This well-written and expertly presented series about the back end of luring big-ticket events to the city demonstrates knowledgeable reporting and skillful writing. Presenting a deep, inside look at the strategy and talent behind the process shows how editorial experience and good judgment can satisfy readers. As a bonus, the inventive presentation illustrates how planning and collaboration can produce an award-worthy result.” Congratulations to Crumb and the design team for this excellent series.

Best Beat Reporting for Innovation and Technology – Gold: Reporter Sarah Diehn was recognized specifically for her work in InnovationIOWA, with the judges saying, “The work stands out for this hyperlocal, human-centered reporting,” and noting that the submitted stories “give readers a broad view of what innovation looks like in the Des Moines area.” Congratulations to Diehn, who was also honored with a Gold award last year for Best
Explanatory Writing.

Best Specialty Newsletter – Bronze, for the Business Record’s Fearless: For the third year in a row, Fearless received honors. Judges commented: “The newsletter does an excellent job of directly addressing the reader in its opening, which makes the content feel more personalized while also giving a quick and useful summation of the highlights. The ‘In The Headlines’ section is especially effective at rounding up the most timely and pertinent local stories of interest to the newsletter’s specific audience.”

Competing nationally. That we receive honors alongside much bigger organizations in some of the country’s largest metros such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Dallas speaks volumes to the talent of our team. I am so proud of everyone involved.

Thank you – and an invitation to enjoy nationally recognized, award-winning local journalism each day. If you value high-quality, local business journalism, we invite you to become a member by subscribing to the Business Record, which guarantees that you receive all our products and
invitations to our events. If you are a member, we thank you and encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues to subscribe.

Thank you for your continued support of the Business Record. We thank you for placing your trust in us as the place to get your news or to share information about your business. We are here for you, because of you, and with you.

Suzanna de Baca 2022

With gratitude,

Suzanna de Baca

president and CEO
Business Publications Corp.


Suzanna de Baca

Suzanna de Baca is President and CEO of Business Publications Corp.

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