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Jethro’s, Manhattan Deli faring well with 3 days left in contest


Two Des Moines restaurants are among the top performers in a national contest. ESPN’s “Fanwiches” Facebook competition, which allows Facebook users to vote on their favorite sports-themed sandwich, lists Jethro’s BBQ’s Adam Emmenecker sandwich as No. 1 in fan votes and Manhattan Deli’s Zach Johnson Hoagie as No. 5.

The Emmenecker, named after the former Drake University basketball player and featured on the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” show, has 2,276 votes, currently 525 votes ahead of second place. The Johnson Hoagie, named after the Drake graduate and professional golfer, has 917 votes. The contest ends at the end of the day on Sunday. To vote, click here (you must have a valid Facebook account).

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